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Advantages and disadvantages of speaking skills

1) Positions You as an Expert – When you are in front of a group speaking, people already see you as an expert on your topic. Public speaking is most commonly known as the #1 fear. Because of this, people in general respect those who speak in public. In your audience’s minds, you would not be speaking unless you are an expert on the subject. Now when you deliver your message powerfully you are seen as an authority instead of another expert.

2) You Attract Clients to Flock to You - When you’ve given value, people will come up to you introducing themselves and thanking you for the value you’ve given and want to know more about you and your services.
When I first started networking, I hated going up to people and introducing myself. It seemed a little forced and inauthentic. Have you ever experienced that challenge? Have you ever felt it was forced and the other person was not genuinely interested in what you had to say?
I sure did. It was a challenge for me to establish respect and credibility in my 30 second elevator speech.
Then it happened.
The first time I spoke in front of a group, I was hooked. People started coming up to me wanting to know more about me and my services. Only those who were genuinely interested came up to me and the need to talk to everyone and the qualifying process disappeared.
3) Doors of Opportunities Open – Opportunities to speak at other events, coaching and consulting gigs, invitations to private VIP events, introductions to people of influence, and referrals.
4) Leverage – Speaking One-To-Many is the most profitable use of your time if you are a coach, entrepreneur, home based business owner, or sales and service professional. In person is the most powerful. Online you can do it through webinars, conference calls, and teleseminars. You can also do it through videos where you do the work one time and the video is visible for as long as its posted.

5) Freedom
 – Speaking focuses your energy and frees you up for what’s most important. What’s most important in your life? Is it having more time with your family? Is it to experience more things like travel? What if I promised you that by speaking you would generate more money and more time for what’s important, what would that make possible in your life?

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