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Components of Effective Listening

1.The first component is previous experience with difficult material. 
2.The second component concerns the interest in the topic. 
3.The third component is the adjustment made by the listener to the speaker. 
4.The fourth component is determined by the physical condition and energy level of the learner. 
5.The fifth component is the ability of the listener to adjust to the abnormal listening situation. 
6.The sixth is the adjustment of the listener to emotion-laden words. 
7.The seventh component is the adjustment to emotion-arousing points.
 8.The eight component of effective listening is the recognition of central ideas. 
9.The ninth component is skill in the utilization of notes. 
10The last is the concentration in the immediate listening situation.

Four Components to Listening Better

Listening well is a skill and one many of us have yet to master. It is a weakness of mine that God has convicted me of so I am trying to develop this critical skill. FortunatelyAmbassador not only places a great value on this skill, they also teach you how to listen.
One tool they have is the four components of effective listening. (click here to read Ambassador’s article on this subject)
  1. To hear is to focus all of my senses on what the speaker is communicating, making it as easy as possible for him to say what he means and to have confidence in my full attention.
  2. To understand is to comprehend what the speaker means. This has nothing to do with evaluation or agreement; that comes later. I should be able to communicate back what they said to their satisfaction.
  3. To consider is to evaluate what difference his input should make in what I feel, think, or do.
  4. To give feedback is to expose how I will consider her input and to express appreciation for it. This can be done immediately, even before I have had time to thoroughly consider all of the implications of the input. Later, I can expose how I have incorporated it into my thinking and what I have done or will do as a result.

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