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features of ms excel

What is Excel and its various features?

Excel is an Microsoft office application. Excel is mainly used for making calculations and mathematical works. Microsoft excel is a spread sheet application in which no of sheets we can add as per our requirements. In a single sheet, it consists of rows and columns and cells. Every cell has different address. In excel sum, product, subtraction, division and many mathematical, logical functions are available with this application. Other features tables, charts, clip art etc. you can find with Excel. It basically used for payroll, accounts, mathematical and for other business purposes.
Features of Excel:-
1. Hyperlink:-We can link one file to another file or page with the use of Excel.
2. Clip art:- In this we can add images and also audio, video clips can be added here.
3. Charts:- With charts, we can clearly shown products evaluation to the clients. For example which product sale is more or less in this month.
4. Tables:- Tables are created with different fields eg -name, age, address, roll no so we add a table to fill these values.
5. Functions:- MATHEMATICAL:Add, subtract, div, multiply.
LOGICAL:average, sum, mod, product
6.Images and Backgrounds:- In this we add images and backgrounds in sheet.
7. Macros:- Macros are used for recording events for further use.
8. Database:- We can add database from other sources with data feature.
9. Sorting and Filter:- In sorting we can sort our data and also filter our data so that repetitions will be removed.
10. Data Validations:- In data tools there are data validations consolidate etc are used.
11. Grouping:- In this we can use group, ungroup subtotal etc.
12: Page layout:- In this themes, colors, sheets, margins, size, backgrounds, breaks, print, titles, sheets height, width, scaling, gridness, headings, views, bring to front of font or back alignment etc will be used.

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