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Features of Principles of Management

  1. Principles of Management are Universal
    1. Management principles are applicable to all kinds of organizations - business & non business.
    2. They are applicable to all levels of management.
    3. Every organization must make best possible use by the use of management principles.
    4. Therefore, they are universal or all pervasive.
  2. Principles of Management are Flexible
    1. Management principles are dynamic guidelines and not static rules.
    2. There is sufficient room for managerial discretion i.e. they can be modified as per the requirements of the situation.
    3. Modification & improvement is a continuous phenomenon in case of principles of management.
  1. Principles of Management have a Cause & Effect Relationship
    1. Principles of management indicate cause and effect relationship between related variables.
    2. They indicate what will be the consequence or result of certain actions. Therefore, if one is known, the other can be traced.
  2. Principles of Management - Aims at Influencing Human Behavior
    1. Human behavior is complex and unpredictable.
    2. Management principles are directed towards regulating human behavior so that people can give their best to the organization.
    3. Management is concerned with integrating efforts and harmonizing them towards a goal.
    4. But in certain situations even these principles fail to understand human behavior.
  3. Principles of Management are of Equal Importance
    1. All management principles are equally important.
    2. No particular principle has greater importance than the other.
    3. They are all required together for the achievement of organizational goals.

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