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features of word processing

  • Wordwrap: automatic arrangement of text in lines of specified length without the necessity of touching the return key.
  • Discretionary Hyphenation: option of inserting a hyphen to break a word that ends a line: the hyphen does not print if later editing moves the word to the middle of a line.
  • Justification: automatic alignment of text to both the left and right margins.
  • Adjustment: realignment of text to new margin and tab settings.
  • Alignment: positioning text or numbers to specified margin and tab settings.
  • Decimal Alignment: positioning columns of numbers with the decimal points vertically aligned.
  • Indents: the setting of temporary margins within a document differing from the primary margins used.
  • Centering text on a line.
  • Insertion: the entry of new text within previously typed material without erasing the existing material.
  • Overstriking: the substitution of new text for old by typing over the old text.
  • Deletion: erasure of text from the screen, or of whole documents from the disk.
  • Search and Replace: moving directly to specified words or parts of words within a document and replacing them with different words or word portions.
  • Copying or Cutting: the duplication or moving of blocks of text within a document.
  • Boilerplate: the separate storage and retrieval of blocks of text from which standard documents can be built.
  • Pagination: automatic division of a document into pages of specified numbers of lines.
  • Page Numbering: automatic sequential numbering of pages.
  • Headers and Footers: option of creating standard blocks of text that will automatically appear at the top or bottom of each page in a document.
  • Footnoting: automatic sequential numbering of footnotes and positioning of the footnotes at the bottom of their appropriate pages during pagination.
  • Table of Contents and Index Generators. Programs that create these based on the text of a document.
  • Form Letter Merging: automatic combining of a form letter with a mailing list to generate multiple copies of the letter with the different addresses and other variable information filled in.
  • Automatic Spelling Checker and Corrector. Program that compares words in the text against an on-line dictionary, flagging items not found in the dictionary and offering alternative spellings and a means of correcting the errors.

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