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The Importance Of Listening

In these modern times we as people are very busy. We have multiple distractions. Distractions such as cell phones, computers, Ipods and 24/7 television. We are constantly talking. Even when we are listening we are continually chattering in our brain. Formulating an answer, or reacting to what is being said. We all want to talk, but so few wish to listen. We hear what is being said but are we really listening? What is listening?
To go into this question we can begin with what it is not. Maybe from there we can discover its quality. Listening is not a reaction. Listening is not talking. Listening is not thinking. Listening is not what someone tells you it is. What I mean by that is. You and I could describe it, but that is not listening, that is merely its description. I could describe water to you, however the description of water will not quench your thirst.
When a person is listening there are no reactions. There is no thinking. There is no talking. Listening is not judging. Listening as I see it is a very humble quality. There is no me. There is no what I want to say. Listening is very revealing. Listening to your own thoughts or what others say can be very informative.
These days we lay so much emphasis on the intellect that we close our hearts and remove the beating moment to moment of life, because we are no longer listening. We have filled our lives with knowledge, beliefs, opinions, which lead to prejudgments.
The importance of listening is this. When you are not listening you are not learning. When you are not listening you are preventing opportunity. The fact that you do not listen reveals the reality that your mind is closed. When you are not listening you are preventing intelligence. When you are not listening there is nothing new, there are only your reactions. If you wish to live life to its fullest, then listening is vital.

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