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Conferences and Symposia

Conferences and Symposia

The Center for Biodiversity and Conservation holds an annual symposium designed to foster interdisciplinary discussion of cutting-edge issues in biodiversity research and conservation.
Symposia topics cover a wide range of conservation issues impacting numerous sciences. Access them to learn more about topics including: biodiversity science and policy, the extinction process, the value of biodiversity to human health, conservation challenges in the face of climate change, the impact of urban sprawl on biodiversity, the role of recent technological advances in conserving genetic diversity, and much more.

Symposium: a meeting or conference for the discussion of some subject, especially a meeting at which several speakers talk on or discuss a topic before an audience. A symposium is usually used to describe a small conference on a single subject. For example, a series of lectures on a single day might be called a symposium.
  A symposium is ususally a whole day or even two-day affair including scholarly talks, dramatic rendering of poetry, music interlude, and creative dance expressions - all evolving from a common theme. Recently, the genre of film has been added to a symposium.

Conference: a meeting for consultation or discussion: a conference between a student and his adviser.
 A conference is usually large, possibly taking up many rooms in a hotel or a convention center. It usually takes up several days. It can also describe a single, small meeting--for example,
 A conference is the more conventional day-long meeting of scholars to deliver their research papers for a larger audience.

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