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Internet & Intranet


  • Internet is a world-wide / global system of interconnected computer networks.
  • Internet uses the standard Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)
  • Every computer in internet is identified by a unique IP address.
  • IP Address is a unique set of numbers (such as which identifies a computer location.
  • A special computer DNS (Domain Name Server) is used to give name to the IP Address so that user can locate a computer by a name.
  • For Example, a DNS server will resolve a name to a particular IP address to unique identify the computer on which this website is hosted.
  • Internet is accessible to every user all over the world.


  • Intranet is system in which multiple PCs are networked to be connected to each other.
  • PCs in intranet are not availble to the world outside of the intranet.
  • Usually each company or organizations have their own Intranet network and members/employees of that company can access the computers in their intranet.
  • Each computer in Intranet is also identified by a IP Address which is unique among the computers in that Intranet.

Similarities in Internet & Intranet

  • Intranet uses the internet protocols such as TCP/IP and FTP.
  • Intranet sites are accessible via web browser in similar way as websites in internet. But only memebers of Intranet network can access intranet hosted sites.
  • In Intranet, own instant messengers can be used as similar to yahoo messenger/ gtalk over the internet.

Differences in Internet & Intranet

1.Internet is general to PCs all over the world where Intranet is specific to few PCs.
2. Internet is wider access and provides a better access to websites to large populcation where as Intranet is restricted.
3. Internet is not as safe as Intranet as Intranet can be safely privatized as per the need.

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