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materials control


MATERIAL CONTROL normally refers to the department responsible for the proactive control of materials within a manufacturing environment: Do procedures exist for storage, release, and movement of material? Are materials in stores identified and controlled? Are in-process materials identified and controlled? Are materials in inspection identified and controlled? Do storage areas and facilities provide control to protect material from degradation? Are nonconforming items identified, segregated and controlled?

materials control

A system for checking that a company has enough materials in stock for its production needs, but is not storing more than it needs because this would use capital unnecessarily a system for checking the quality of materials bought by a company.

Material control

The publication of the Institute of Cost and Management Accountants on Budgetary Control defines Material Control as “the function of ensuring that sufficient goods are retained in stock to meet all requirements without carrying unnecessary large stocks”.
When the function of indexing buying, receiving, inspection, storing and buying the goods are separated, it is essential that these should be properly co-ordinate so as to achieve the advantages of specialization.

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