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Understanding the harmony in the Nature

Harmony with nature can teach you how to live a balanced life

The history leading to this site, and it purpose is to be a significant influence in the lives of people who want to know the wisdom of love, inner peace, happiness, and harmony in their own lives and at the same time make the world a better place. My intentions are to help people improve; their own life skills, the lives of others, and the health of the Earth.

Living in dynamic harmony with nature allows one to find ancient and new age wisdom.

This is the wisdom of all love and all power. The way of all love revolves around total acceptance for all. This includes self acceptance and the acceptance of others. When one has acquired total acceptance it will be easy to know inner peace. With inner peace there will be more happiness, even in times of change.
Most people will not even try to grasp the wisdom of living in harmony with nature, or, of total acceptance and inner peace.
This attitude has thus set the occasion for many people to explore unique models for living in a new age. These new age models must take into account human nature. To understand human nature we need to understand the dynamic harmony between love and power. A successful new age system will need to take into account both of these all inclusive forces.
We will never change human nature.This would indicate that most people will never follow the way of acceptance and inner peace. This fact in it self requires acceptance. Do we accept those who do not see the truth? It also presents an obstacle and an opportunity for change. What needs to be done is to create a competing social - economic system that is not threatening to those who hold power. The question is can it be done? Can a new age solution be found that works in the real world with highly competitive social and economic pressures.
In order to create an environmentally sound, and sustainable new age community one must create a community that can compete. First it must compete locally, then nationally,then regionally and finally it must be able to compete globally.
Earth changing new age wisdom or wisdom for all ages?I have finally realize my insight should be considered earth changing new age. For years I thought I followed ancient ways. Recently it was pointed out to me that the way I follow (my "art of living") is heavily influenced by my western upbringing. And, in that I follow ways that help support life as the earth changes, free from organized religions and the dogmas they create

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