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Work Study: Method study and time study

Work Study is systematic study of methods of work in order to improve effective use of its resources and set standards of performance. It can be applied where a set of processes is involved.
Work Study introduces the most effective method of working. It is the most efficient tool in the hands of management to improve efficiency at all levels of the organization. Work study helps to reduce waste through standardization of element of the job.
Work study is conducted in order to identify the current situation in the organization and to find the opportunities of improvement. This will help organizations become more systematic and profitable.

Work Study has many benefits
1) Increase in Productivity
2) Increase in efficiency
3) Improved work flow
4) Improved work layout
5) Improved standards

Methods study
Method is a technique of observing, recording and examining the present method of performing
the work with a view to develop a cheaper and productive method. It covers work processes,
working conditions, equipments and tools used to carry out the job.
When method study is conducted:
1. High operating cost
2. Heavy rejections
3. Excessive movement of materials and men
4. Production bottle necks
5. Quality problems
6. Poor working conditions
7. Excessive overtime
8. Poor delivery performance 

Objectives of Method study:

1. To study present method and propose new and improved method
2. Improvement in productivity and cost
3. Reduce material handling and operator fatigue
4. Elimination of wasteful motions
5. To standardize work methods

Advantages of Method study:

1. Work simplification
2. Improved method( cheaper and productive0
3. Better quality product 
 4.Improve layou
5. Better material handling
6. Better work flow
7. Less fatigue to operator 
8. Shorter production time
9. Job satisfaction


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