Develop Your Writing Skills

How to Write Assignments – Structure and Process

There are two short documents you need to get to know to help you with your written assignments during your Bachelor’s degree in Global Nutrition and Health.
The first is The Guidelines for Written Assignments and the second Develop Your Writing Skills.
The latter has a simple message: writing is a craft and a skill that can be developed through practice and hard work.

It also emphasizes the need to plan your writing tasks before you start the actual writing. Planning helps you to set out the main purpose of what you are trying to communicate through your writing and makes sure you cover all the points you need to make in an assignment or exam.
The Guidelines for Written Assignments sets out the formal Global Nutrition and Health format and style requirements for written assignments and exams.
Included in this guide is a brief introduction to the IMRAD structure which is widely used to help with the writing of scientific papers. IMRAD stands for Introduction, Methods, Results And Discussion. This simple structure is a helpful model to follow especially when writing more research-based assignments or exams.
You will also find details on how to reference your assignments and exams and to use the Harvard style of referencing required on the Bachelor’s Degree in Global Nutrition and Health.
Following and learning simple writing tools and techniques can help you prepare and present better assignments and exams as well as help build your skill as a writer – something that will benefit you for the rest of your professional life.
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