Management as a Group

Management as a group refers to all those persons who perform the task of managing an enterprise. When we say that management of ABC & Co. is good, we are referring to a group of people those who are managing. Thus as a group technically speaking, management will include all managers from chief executive to the first - line managers (lower-level managers). But in common practice management includes only top management i.e. Chief Executive, Chairman, General Manager, Board of Directors etc. In other words
, those who are concerned with making important decisions, these persons enjoy the authorities to use resources to accomplish organizational objectives & also responsibility to for their efficient utilization.
Management as a group may be looked upon in 2 different ways:
  1. All managers taken together.
  2. Only the top management
The interpretation depends upon the context in which these terms are used. Broadly speaking, there are 3 types of managers -
  1. Patrimonial / Family Manager: Those who have become managers by virtue of their being owners or relatives of the owners of company.
  2. Professional Managers: Those who have been appointed on account of their specialized knowledge and degree.
  3. Political Managers / Civil Servants: Those who manage public sector undertakings.
Managers have become a part of elite group of society as they enjoy higher standard of living in the society.
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