scope of cost accounting

The scope of cost accounting is very wide. There are lots of techniques, tools, procedures, processes, programs are used in cost accounting for calculating cost and its control. But basically, we divide its scope within three major parts.

1. Cost Ascertainment

In this region of cost accounting, cost accounting collects product's material, labor and overhead cost and try to calculate total and per unit cost of product. This total cost calculation will be based on historical or standard or estimated basis. After this, cost accountant will use any method of costing like specific order costing, operation costing, and direct costing technique. These techniques and methods may be used for calculating different nature products in same organization.

2. Cost Records

In this part of cost accounting, cost accountant maintains cost books, vouchers, ledgers, reports and other cost related documents for future comparison and reference. It will also be under the scope of cost accounting.

3. Cost Control

This is the end boundary of cost accounting scope. In this division, cost accountant used different techniques and methods for controlling the cost. Save One Rupees in the cost of product means we have earned one rupees in the production of goods. So, Cost accountant uses budgetary control, standard costing, break even point analysis and many other techniques for controlling the cost.
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