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roles of advertisement

Advertising consists of four different roles:

The marketing role
The communication role
The economic role
The societal role

A marketing role within advertising will focus on satisfying general consumers and seeing to their requirements through services and goods. It will not be directed at all the public but only at certain customers that are termed a ‘target market’.

A communication role in advertising will refer to a mass communication intention that advertising will be capable of fulfilling. This is an impressive way in which to inform customers and let them know about the services and goods they wish to buy.

With regards to an economical role in advertising, this will directly deal with the objectives of the advertiser. Normally, the objectives of an advertiser are to be able to generate sales from an advertisement. It will also help a consumer to appraise both the value as well as the benefits of any of the products which are advertised against their prices that the products are being offered at so as to make the most economic and efficient choice.

Finally, a societal role within advertising is quite a fascinating role. On the one hand, an advertisement will help to generate the trends within a certain society. In contrast, it is the cause of breaking a norm that has been a part of society for a while so as to generate a truly unique impact. It tends to have a somewhat tentative nature, which some people will like while some will resent it.

The theory of any advertising is

•         Awareness
•         Knowledge
•         Liking
•         Preference
•         Conviction
•         Purpose

Just about any medium could be utilized for advertising. Commercial advertising can include billboards, wall paintings, web banners, television adverts, subway trains and platforms amongst others. There is also digital advertising as in television, radio and online advertising. Physical advertising could include mobile billboard, in-store, street and press advertising.

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