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Using accessories such as calculator, paint brush, CD player, etc.

Calculator :
( Start button >> Programs >> Accessories >> Entertainment >> Volume Control )
Window provides a simple calculator for doing arithmetic calculations. If you are required to use calculator frequently, you can create its icon on your desktop or in Quick Launch area by dragging the icon by holding the mouse on it from above location to your desired location for prompt and convenient access to this tool.
Command Prompt :
( Start button >> Programs >> Accessories >> Calculator )
Enables use of DOS commands required for a program/application.
Paint :
( Start button >> Programs >> Accessories >> Paint )
Paint is a simple drawing tool and can be used for simple drawings using Lines, Curves, Rectangles, Circles etc. It can also be used to add text to images. It is not a very effective tool for editing pictures.
Windows Media Player :
( Start button >> Programs >> Accessories >> Entertainment >> Windows Media Player )
You can play audio and video files by using Windows Media Player. You can choose different skins for the player from the available list or download more skins from Microsoft Windows site.

Volume Control
Volume Control
Volume Control :
( Start button >> Programs >> Accessories >> Entertainment >> Volume Control )
Enables to adjust master volume and balance of your audio speakers. You can set different volumes for different file formats wave and midi and also for music played from CD Rom. By default an icon of 'Volume Control' is also placed in 'System Tray' for easy access. Right click on the icon in Notification Area opens full volume control window and a left click opens a small volume controller from which you can control the master volume of audio speakers. The volume can also be controlled by the software of your sound card installed.

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